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Photocopy shop wins case against publishers

An author’s view of the Delhi High Court judgement Continue reading

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The cynical Indian ex-pat (or why I hate the superiority complex stricken…)

I am not sure if the title of this blog actually conveys this but I am angry! On my way to Atlanta from Frankfurt, I chanced upon a Person of Indian Origin (PIO)(read US citizen who was born in India). … Continue reading

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A pilgrimage of a different kind

I recently visited Amritsar. It was 23 years since I last visited it. The time gap is important for many reasons. This is the city where my great-grandfather (paternal) settled when he moved from Lahore. This is the city in … Continue reading

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A forgotten brother finds me

My previous post elicited many responses directly to my Inbox. Thank you all for understanding. This time I have a different part of my life to share and this one continues to make me happy. About a year ago, I … Continue reading

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The other side of doing good…

I debated a lot before sitting down to pen this post. Would anybody understand the reason for writing this? I have carried this story in my heart for close to 25 years. There is nothing personal that I can gain … Continue reading

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