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Demonetising, India, Indians, the pain and my thoughts

As I pen this, we are in the 4th night of the great demonetising crisis in India. Social media is polarized, the media is polarized and the nation is polarised. There are tales of hardships faced by the masses and … Continue reading

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It’s time we all did too.

  In the early ‘80s I was aboard an Air India flight headed towards New York City. I was an excited teenager about to join an American University. There was an air of superiority considering there were very few of … Continue reading

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My tribute to one of the first to work for a Polio Free India

India is now said to be free of polio. The scourge has been vanquished. Polio is said to breed in filth and affect the poor more than it affects the rich. Surprisingly this wasn’t true just a few decades ago. … Continue reading

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India on the other side of my balcony

The rear of my house faces the rear of another house. The rooftop has 3 perhaps 4 small rooms. There is one toilet clearly demarcated and some water faucets in the common open area. When I first moved into my … Continue reading

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A pilgrimage of a different kind

I recently visited Amritsar. It was 23 years since I last visited it. The time gap is important for many reasons. This is the city where my great-grandfather (paternal) settled when he moved from Lahore. This is the city in … Continue reading

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