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I am currently the MD & CEO of SAGE Publications India. But I wear many hats that make me the person I am. Between the (public) professional life and the very deep and private recesses of my brain lies a universe of thoughts, actions and beliefs. These have been shaped by events, people and perhaps Karma. It's this universe I seek to put in words. When everything else failed me professionally, it was the power of my words that not just resurrected a career but brought back life to life. It is with these words that I continue to make a difference with those whose karma connects mine. Sometimes it's direct and most times it's not. But the essence of who I am never changes and I remain a person searching for himself. Update: In 2014 I published my first book on Kindle. It was written in 1999 and it never saw the light of day. Reader input welcome...

Bloodshed on French National Day – By Shombit Sengupta

This is a passionate article written by my friend, SAGE author, painter, philosopher, business thought leader. I couldn’t help but publish it on my blog – Vivek Horror and shock struck me on switching the TV on at 6 this morning; a … Continue reading

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Mothers, their day and a letter to my daughter on Father’s day

On Mother’s Day I saw a video posted in my school group. Before I could see the video I saw messages praising it and ‘how touching it was’. I was curious about it. I saw it and I was touched … Continue reading

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My radio interview in the USA – 2016

Those of you who heard my interview in 2014 would be familiar with Narendra Sheth who has the longest running Indian Radio show in the USA. It is called GeetMala. I was in the USA last month and Narendra asked me … Continue reading

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The Pushy Indian

Ever been pushed shoved and generally made to move when you didn’t want to? Here is my understanding of the why… Continue reading

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The Women Beaters⎯for every woman in the world

There is a video doing the rounds whose title loosely translates to “Boys don’t cry” sub-title “But we should tell them that boys don’t make girls cry”. The video walks through a boy’s life and how he is constantly reminded, … Continue reading

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I forgot to buy him yogurt (concluding part)

(Continued from Part 1) As the jet touched down at Boston’s Logan airport my heart thumped in my chest. I had spent over 3 months trying to follow the system that would get me to visit my friend in prison. … Continue reading

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It’s time we all did too.

  In the early ‘80s I was aboard an Air India flight headed towards New York City. I was an excited teenager about to join an American University. There was an air of superiority considering there were very few of … Continue reading

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