It took awhile to figure this out but my

It took awhile to figure this out but my hitherto unpublished novel is on Kindle without bugs! For all those who use Kindle, your feedback is welcome.

About Vivek Mehra

I am currently the MD & CEO of SAGE Publications India. But I wear many hats that make me the person I am. Between the (public) professional life and the very deep and private recesses of my brain lies a universe of thoughts, actions and beliefs. These have been shaped by events, people and perhaps Karma. It's this universe I seek to put in words. When everything else failed me professionally, it was the power of my words that not just resurrected a career but brought back life to life. It is with these words that I continue to make a difference with those whose karma connects mine. Sometimes it's direct and most times it's not. But the essence of who I am never changes and I remain a person searching for himself. Update: In 2014 I published my first book on Kindle. It was written in 1999 and it never saw the light of day. Reader input welcome...
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2 Responses to It took awhile to figure this out but my

  1. The ebook reading experience can be more than just text and images
    and can bring the readers closer to the content oof the bopk with audio,
    video, animation, bookmarking, diffeent language supports and much more.
    When youu begin to write an e – Book that is the time to begin formatting it.
    Free e – Books search sites also have the feature of searching books by authors.


  2. Arundati says:

    sorry, but without the link in your post readers may not even know how to search for your book, even if it’s there in your bio:


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